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Welcome to Shopwide - Directory for Shopfittings
This is a free website directory dedicated to helping people find suppliers for shop fitting displays and exhibitions. It gives shop owners, visual merchandisers and retail designers easy access to the various suppliers in the shop fitting industry.

Whether you are trying to find a single window display or a complete shop design and fit, this is the place to start.

Shop display is
all about
If you are a supplier to the UK, within the retail shop fitting and exhibition industry and would like to add your company details, you can do so using the 'Add Link' feature.
Shop Displays
Choosing the right displays for your in-store retail environment is essential for the look and feel of your business. With the right shop fitting equipment to display your products, you will not only organise your products in a visually pleasing manner to your customers but also present your brand in a positive light. Shop display is all about presentation.

Exhibition Displays
At exhibitions, we want to create an instant impact on passing foot traffic. Much like shop window displays, your products and promotional messages need to stand out.
On top of that, we need the displays to be easy to transport. If assembly is required, we need it to be quick and simple to assemble and dis-assemble. Quite often, the displays are used more than ones, so durability is essential.

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